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Model 5132: Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control

This label is located either on the bottom or at the rear of the base of the unit.
Please enter the model number which is located where shown:
Please enter the date code which is located where shown:
Lasko will pay for the shipment of your old heater back to Lasko and will also ship your replacement heater to you free of charge. To expedite the shipment of your replacement heater, please check one of the following options.
I have the original box. Please send a prepaid shipping label only.
(This option will expedite shipment of your replacement heater)
I need a shipping box. Please send a shipping box and a prepaid shipping label.

Note: If you have other Lasko heaters which are subject to this recall, please go through the registration procedure for each unit. All registration information is subject to verification upon receipt of your old heater.




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