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How can I tell if my fan is subject to the recall?
This website, or the automated recall line (1-877-445-1314), will walk you through the identification process. Generally, there are date codes and model numbers on the bottom of the fan. Only certain models manufactured between 2002 and 2004 are affected.
What corrective action is Lasko taking to address the recalled products?

Once you have gone through the identification process on the website or automated recall line, and it is determined that your fan is or may be affected, you will complete the on line registration form at the end of the identification process (or record your registration information on the recall line) to receive a free "plug-in" fan protection cord adapter.

What is the "fan protection cord adapter" that Lasko is providing to consumers who have affected fans? The fan protection cord adapter (pictured below) is a safety device that is designed to cut off electric current to the fan if a small nonreplaceable fuse in the plug detects a potentially hazardous electrical fault in the fan's motor or power supply. The fan protection cord adapter consists of a short cord with a specially designed locking female plug on one end and a patented fused plug on the other. Once you have plugged the fan protection cord adapter onto your fan's power cord it is permanently connected. click here to view the installation instructions for the fan protection cord adapter (Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files. Need Adobe Acrobat? Download it free. Click here.) 
What if I can't find any identification markings on the bottom of my fan or they have been removed? First confirm that your fan is a Lasko or Galaxy fan and that it is identifiable as one of the fans pictured in the first screen of the Lasko recall website (or described in the opening sections of the automated recall line). If you believe that your fan is one of the affected models but can't determine the date of manufacture, simply click on the "can't determine" response where applicable. If there is uncertainty as to whether your fan is affected, you will be asked to register to receive a fan protection cord adapter.
Is it safe to install a fan protection cord adapter on my fan if it was manufactured before or after the dates subject to the recall?
Yes. The fused safety plug on the end of the fan protection cord adapter is compatible with earlier or later models of the same style fans that are subject to the recall. The fan protection cord adapter should not be used with any heater, high velocity fan or any other type or other manufacturer's products, as the fuse may open rendering the product unusable since once attached, the fan protection cord adapter cannot be removed without potentially damaging the original plug or power cord.
What if my fan stops working any time after the fan protection cord adapter is installed?
You should replace the fan, as the fused plug on the fan protection cord adapter may have opened because it detected a potentially dangerous electrical fault in the fan motor or power supply.
Should I order another fan protection cord adapter to replace the one that opened, or should I remove it? No. The fuse in the plug of the fan protection cord adapter is designed to open if a potentially dangerous electrical fault is detected and should never be replaced or removed once the fan fails to operate. Any attempt to remove the fan protection cord adapter after installation will cause damage to the original plug due to the locking mechanism in the female cord adapter. Any attempt to use the fan without the fan protection cord adapter may create a potential fire hazard.
If my fan quits operating at any time after installing the fan protection cord adapter, am I entitled to receive a free replacement fan?

No. Fans subject to the recall were sold more than two years ago and are therefore no longer under the original one or two year warranty.

How long will it take to receive my fan protection cord adapter after I register?
Upon successful registration on the website, you will receive an immediate confirmation and an estimated time of delivery. Generally, please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

If my fan is subject to the recall, should I use it until I receive my fan protection cord adapter?
No. Do not use any affected fan until the fan protection cord adapter has been properly installed.





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